Car Key Replacement

Car Keys Can Break, But Replacing Them Is Easy

A transponder head key being cut (top), and a Nissan fob being programmed (bottom).

We can cut and program new keys in our shop or right on our locksmith van. Here you see a transponder head key (with the electronics removed) being cut on a laser cutter (top), and an Infinity fob being programmed (bottom).

There are so many ways to lose and damage your keys, from dropping them down a storm drain to misusing them to open something in a pinch. There’s just one way to get quick and accurate car key replacement around the Tulsa, OK Metro area, and that’s by calling Admiral Security Locksmith. Whether you need us for a lockout or you come by to visit our friendly storefront, we’re a local, family-owned, insured, licensed, and background checked locksmith that’s the kind of professional you want to call when you have an emergency.

We can cut and replace all types of automotive keys from single-sided keys for classic cars to modern transponders and fobs for all the newest models. The key that gets you home late at night, in the rain, or on the last day of a long journey back from out of state had better be good. We know locks, so we know more than how to make a copy. We stock quality blanks and do careful, knowledgeable work. If your lock is damaged or it’s time to change it, as a full-service locksmith we can fix and update your lock, then make you the keys you need.

The List of Vehicles We Service Is Vast

Every car manufacturer has a different way of protecting the car and starting it. From smart keys to chip keys, remote head keys to key fob replacement, we know each and every one. Here’s a list of some of the keys and related equipment that we can produce when and where you need them, along with other related expert locksmith services:

  • Infiniti car keys and remotes
  • Honda car keys and Honda remotes
  • Toyota car key sets and Toyota remotes
  • Nissan car key copies and keyless entry remotes
  • Ford car key sets and keyless entry remotes
  • GM car key sets and GM remotes
  • Chevrolet car keys and flip key remotes
  • Cadillac car keys and keyless remotes
  • Mazda car key sets and remotes
  • Hyundai car keys and fobs
  • Kia car keys and fobs

With our car key replacement service, we can save you a tow to the dealer, waiting for service, and a car key replacement cost that’s a lot more than ours.

Get Your Car Key Fobs and Car Remotes At Our Walk-In Lock Shop

We’re your Tulsa auto locksmith, but we’re also the nearby locksmith shop. We handle all your car key needs, from key fobs and accurate key programming for your spare key copy to key fob battery replacement which we can do when you visit us for any of your locksmith needs. Our highly qualified and verified team includes experts on intelligent keys, transponder key cutting, and the wide variety of on and off-key car remotes that you may need. We understand the details of how the key works with your vehicle’s electronics.

A Trusted Local Locksmith You Can Turn to For Your Auto Security Needs

For over 20 years, our team has been serving the Tulsa area with the skills you need and the people you can trust. We know that the right locksmith is a trusted professional who lets you relax. We look forward to being that locksmith for you. Give us a call.


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