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The Other Side of Your Security Equation is Your Solid, Professionally Installed Door

As a family-owned locksmith company serving the Tulsa, OK Metro area for more than 20 years, when we do security inspections, we look at your door installation as well as your locks. Only a solid door, protective hinges, and top-quality strike plate provide a good basic entry security combination along with your locking door hardware. Even if you’re not worried about break-ins, your business should have high-quality doors and hardware for reliability, usability, and safety. Let us provide you with the door services you need to meet local code, insurance requirements, and your own standards. We also provide high-quality, Grade 1, door hardware that we guarantee and warranty, brands like Schlage, Medeco, ASSA, and Kaba-Ilco that will complement your secure door installation perfectly.

Get Extra Door & Lock Security For Your Business


In addition to the actual door, the hardware is very important for your security. We will assess your security needs and install the most appropriate high-quality hardware including (clockwise from top left) hinges, latch guards, door handles, exit alarms, crash bars, maglocks, keypad locks, and more.

Hollow metal doors combined with a solid door frame provide protection around the perimeter of your door and, for double doors, along the middle as well. We know that a solid door needs protection on all sides from unauthorized access. When the door is reinforced, the lock is the targeted vulnerability, especially with high-value items inside or a lack of monitoring that gives thieves time to make an attack. To further enhance our quality doors, we offer high-security door locks, deadbolts, mortise locks, and door jamb reinforcement plates. These devices provide physical barriers to break-ins, but also show that you’re serious about security, an important deterrent that discourages all but the pros from even trying.

High-Performance and Specialized Door Hardware

We sell and install hollow metal doors and frames, and repair your aluminum storefront doors. Our single, double, and custom door installations and vestibule installations provide attractive entrances to your building, with stylish entry doorknobs as well. Our full door replacement offerings also include steel, aluminum, wood, composite, glass, and windows, presenting and protecting your property the way you prefer.

Customize your doors with:

  • Door closers
  • Exit hardware
  • Panic devices
  • Fire-rated hardware
  • Continuous hinges
  • Door pivots
  • Push paddles
  • Pull handles
  • Anti-ligature hospital hardware.

Don’t forget to ask our commercial locksmith to add door sweeps to keep weather and dirt outside, and kick plates to keep door maintenance to a minimum.

Electrified Door Hardware, Smart Locks, and Video Door Buzzer Systems

As your smart lock and access control management professionals, we offer alternatives to traditional lock and key protection. Electrified strikes and locks with electrified hinges for double door locks connect your new doors to your access control system. We offer an extensive line of keypads, card readers, and other access methods to manage the locks, along with CCTV video to monitor door access 24/7.

Your Door Repair & Installation Services Experts In Tulsa, OK

From storefront entries to hospital doors, interior doors, and custom exterior doors, we’re your door and lock experts for specialized applications and enhanced security. Give us a call to talk about what would work best for your application, and we’ll get to work on it.

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