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From Cruisers To Sport Bikes, Admiral Security is Your Motorcycle Locksmith

Do you have backup keys for all locks on your motorcycle? Admiral Security Locksmith in Tulsa, OK can complete your set with key copies or new ones from the codes available on most models. We also handle ignition locks, gas cap lock and key issues, helmet locks, and other accessory locks. If you have “one set to ride, and one to hide” you’ll enjoy your time on the road more. When you’re prepared on group rides, you won’t be stuck on a country road wondering “where’s a locksmith near me?” to get your gas cap open or replace your lost tubular Harley Davidson keys or chipped keys. We make those and more, so come and get them.

Your Local Family-Owned Motorcycle Locksmith In Tulsa

image of a BMW motorcycle with a brand new key in the ignition (top) and a motorcycle ignition (bottom)

We can handle all your motorcycle lock and key needs, including cutting new keys for your bike (top), and repairing or replacing your motorcycle’s ignition. (bottom).

We’re a full-service, licensed and insured locksmith that you can trust and turn to for all of your lock and key needs. Our mobile service comes to you, taking one more challenge out of your emergency situation that otherwise may involve towing, dealer expenses, and other added costs. Just as your friends and neighbors have for over 20 years, you can count on us for residential, commercial, and automotive services as well as experienced motorcycle locksmith services. Call us for lost keys, a key broken in the motorcycle ignition, vandalism, and other lock situations.

Motorcycle Lock and Key Experts Serving a Wide Range of Makes and Models

Motorcycle locks and keys have changed a lot over the years, and our expert technicians can handle older models as well as the latest chipped motorcycle keys and tubular Harley-Davidson keys. We can repair your motorcycle ignition or rekey your motorcycle for major brands such as Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and more. We cover a broad range of global brands, too, including KTM, Vespa, Victory, and Triumph. For motorcycle key replacement, we’re the team to call and count on.

Don’t Let Motorcycle Lock and Key Issues Keep You From Enjoying Your Ride

Weather, vibrations, corrosion, and years of use can make your motorcycle locks difficult to operate. Keys get misplaced, especially if you don’t ride in the winter, and sometimes it takes time to get around to the dealer for specialized motorcycle keys. Let us come to you for motorcycle key replacement and copying, repairing your motorcycle ignition lock, rekeying your motorcycle, and bringing your locks and keys up to date so you can enjoy your ride with the keys and backups you need. If you’ve bought a used motorcycle and want to rekey it, or need extra copies of the gas cap key just in case, whatever the previous owner didn’t find and hand over we can make it from scratch if necessary. That’s the benefit of calling the experts, your local mobile motorcycle locksmith in Tulsa.

Admiral Security Locksmith Provides Convenient, Comprehensive Mobile Service

Whether you’re getting your vehicles ready for spring, updating your home or business locks, or have a lock and key emergency to deal with, call us.

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